Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Peoples Park"

Last December 15, 2007, PEOPLES PARK was open to the public a 72M Peoples Park (old PTA Ground) in Davao city, which features mini forest, the newly open Sunken Garden the Man Made Falls and Large sculptures representing indigenous groups of Southern Mindanao. Sunday is family day some families enjoying their Sundays at the park try visiting the park that day it’s too crowed even if it’s late night.

I even heard in the radio that the park is the meeting place of groups of people, the barkadas and even some clans, their venue is the park, the meet up their discussing something even me and my officemates. Peoples park became our venue aside from the free of charge its nice their. Its nice their if you go by early morning to do exercise by afternoon with the kids there is also a playground where the kids can enjoy and a fountain that is nice to look especially at night.

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