Monday, May 19, 2008


My home, my province, my place, (LAWIGAN a paradise for me) with total land area of 1,247.84 has.

Lawigan the place where I grew up, a remote area in Bislig City.

Some said the place is far yes, very!!!! From Davao City to Mangagoy it takes 6 hours travel in a bus and no other bus except BACHELOR EXPRESS. From Mangagoy to Lawigan it takes 1 hour or two travel depending on the passengers because it’s a one way trip going to my home town and vice versa.

But it’s worth it!!!! For me, PRECIOUS!!!!

Before Bermuda grass is everywhere I used to walk using my barefoot

I like the grass that tickles my feet. When I already enter college

I missed my place that’s why every semestral break or holiday I go home missed the beach so badly. (“Sigh”)

When I was young I used to go to the sea, collect shells, green algae or (lumot) for my notebooks when school year starts. Life in my province is simple yet I can find happiness, fulfillment and always day dreaming that someday I can have a land along the shore.

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