Wednesday, June 18, 2008



Life in Lawigan is so simple, no electricity, no water from the faucet, a typical province. That time my uncle was barangay captain, foreigners came to our place just to surf. I’ve been close to the one foreign guy when I was in grade 3; he has a crush of our teacher Miss Apurador. He asked me to give flower to my teacher. We sometimes called him “JOE” because this foreigner though we know his real name. He is from California; he took pictures from us and even showed some surfing magazines. We can watch movies and TV shows using truck battery. When I was in high school electricity was introduced, people got excited and some wealthy people bought appliances. My father used to go to the forest and sometimes to the sea to get woods. Every Sunday we didn’t missed going to the sea just to eat lunch even our viand is just in can. (ehhehehe). As I enter college there were changes, the means of transportation changed from pump boat to jeepney though one way ride only. School buildings were improved new facilities and technology that I haven’t enjoyed my high school years.


Lawigan is the destination of other people from other places; the main attraction is the beach. Commercial Port is under construction. Yes it will help the people living in my place so that they can have job. My place will be known not a province anymore but a place where people go if they’re planning to go to the other place. Life of the people living in my place will change, how many years from now commercial buildings will soon be rise. People will be busy.

Update: Catholic Church will be move soon to a much bigger place to accommodate plenty of people and not that; they’re planning to make Lawigan as Parish Church.

Opinion: The developments in my place are nice and helpful in terms of economy, but are the tourism can protect the beach where we used to go and enjoy? Is the white sand still white? Is the fresh air still fresh? :(

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