Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Sandal

Last June 27, 2008. I went to the city prosecutor's office to follow up some pending cases filed the company am working is the complainant. After waiting for how many hours my mission was accomplished. So, I hurriedly went out and went to the office of the company lawyer and talked it over.

As I was waiting for my colleague at work for notarization I change my mind and walked along the street while waiting for the reply. Darn......., my sandal, so embarrassing for me it was the first time.... (Sigh!!!) I don't know how I managed to walk with that situation. So, I went to the nearest store and bought a new pair of slipper which is 45.00php though I don't like it, but in my mind that time, I will buy this as long as I have to wear. :(

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