Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seagull Valley Mountain Resot

Thanks to Ms. Joy who always there for us especially during this time (outing time). Madam I never forget you from the day that we become friends during our college days up to being my boss. Without you I cannot explore some tourist attractions in Mindanao.  Accounting Department headed by our boss Ms. Joy decided to have an overnight stay at Seagull Valley Resort or Seagull Mountain Resort.  We rented the white house up and down, boys downstairs and women upstairs.

Seagull Mountain Resort is located along Davao-Bukidnon Road. We arrived at the resort night time, since we already have a reservation the staff took us to the White house. All of us were excited that we did not sleep even though where tired from our work to travel. No TV, Radio or any form of entertainment. One of my officemates bring a playing card so some of the group play card some of the ladies just chit chatting and some of the boys were drinking red wine. We cannot bear the cold outside so after our chit chat we slept for we are about to wake up early and see the beauty of nature is offering in the mountain. As we wake up early in the morning fogs greeted us outside so we headed to their restaurant which is quite pricey and order breakfast of course sipping a cup of coffee and giving some comments regarding the resort. Amenities of resort are Campsite, Restaurant, Our Lady of Manaog Chapel and Swimming Pool for kids and adult.  Now they are spreading their wings for they have some new development like the waterfalls with tub, golf course which is under construction and I notice also the second time I went there for a day tour is that the area where I appreciated must, when I wake up is the plants near the white house is already gone. We've been to cold spring with a cave near the swimming area, oh! i forgot the name and of course in Epol though only in first falls. Well anyway all I can say is that someday I can go back there with their new appearance.


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